my sad life has come back !!! which means i am back on attachment right now D:
meaning that i can go out less and blog much much less !!! 

am back in Khoo teck phuat hospital again, now working in the geriatrics ward....i cant say its fun, as half the things they are actually saying, i do not undertsand!
everything is in dialect! and i dont understand dialect, as i didnt learn it OTL

i regret not trying to learn it when i was much younger TT.TT

so back to the main topic!~

just thought i'd do a small post on what i have bought just recently all from WATSONS!
ZA mascara~
which includes the mascara base and impact lash mascara for wide eyes~ 
it seems that ZA is going for the gyaru look that has been all of the rage right now~
cant wait to try it out!
sincec i have been going for the simple look right now when i go out!
foundation, mascara and eyeliner!

bought the pure active from garnier, which helps in blemishes and bumps on the faces!
which i really think it works! it was reccommended to me by a friend!!!
and i shall now reccommend it to all of you!!
its a really good product which i would actually rate 10/10!

bought this as well, its camellia oil that i have been using consecutively for the last 2 years~
its really good for people with dry and frizzy hair! and if you would really love to tame your hair, just a few drops of this oil and VOILA!
its all tamed!
they have the spray version as well!
definitely rate this as 10/10 too~

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