manga review- strobe edge

Hey all~ just thought i should do a manga review, since i actually have nothing much to update about now, due to the fact that i am on attachment now D:

Well this manga review is actually on a manga based on romance, but its genre is also highlighted under  comedy and drama too! 

why would i actually recommend this manga?
*drum rolls*

its because this manga isnt the lovey dovey type of romance manga that everyone reads, it would affect you in weird and tingly feeling type of way ><

my friends who have always asked me to recommend romance mangas to them , really loved this story a lot!

you know when your heart goes *thump thump* or *kyuun* or also *crash/crack*? this manga encompasses all these feelings into one!

its so good that i have read it 4 to 5 times already!
well the good news is that this manga is now complete! 
you all do not have to suffer as much as me, when it took 3 to 4 months just for the next chapter to be out D:

summary : Ninako a normal high school girl, meets Ren, the heart throb if the school and realises a colorful and wide range of emotions after this encounter!
but only realising much later that this was going to be a one sided love, and yet she still wants to go ahead with it. would these trials make her or break her?

how would i rate this manga?
romance: 5/5
comedy: 4/5

where can you read this manga?

do tell me if you love this manga~ because i absolutely adore it!

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