had a change of hairstyle~ have been wanting to cut my hair this way since my year one of poly >< but i didnt have the courage to do so  D:

so i finally .... decided to chop of my fringe!! for a very important reason!
i felt the centre parting of my hair that i had ... was getting too annoying. ><
it made me look like i was balding from the centre lol.

some pictures of me before i cut  my hair~ i went to the shibuya girls SG first meet up a few weeks back~
went together with elaine~
and met kelly there~ went there to support her since she was MC-ing~
change my hairstyle that day too~
took a lock of hair from the centre and braided it and pinned it to the side! simple and convenient hairstyle when you are in a rush!

kelly so chio~~ i ish in <3<3 muahahaha

elaine and i camwhoring at the awesome event~
i met sharbunny at the event too!!

elaine and i met cutepetz too!!
we didnt know that she would be there! ahah so excited to see her again~

so back to me and the ultimate scary fringe!
 me and fringe >< dun suit really well though. it will take some time for me to get used to it though
i was paranoid on how i would look like in bangs lol~ so i even did a costest for one of the characters that i would be doing for STGCC.

would any of you be going to STGCC? its on the 1st and 2nd September~

the costest i did for my character~ can any of you guess which character is this? 8D

i also dyed my hair again~to cover up my black roots lol! my black roots are atrocious!

to those who are wondering which color is this, its cherry blossom creamy color~

hair color turned slightly brown only though =3=
my hair is so hard to dye D:
but the color is really nice though 8D have been using this color for a few years already 8D

i went to streetfest two weeks ago too~
went for a very short while. the weather was an ultimate killer! omg !!!
so i only went for awhile! shawn , weijie and me ran for a last minute movie at like 4pm! ahaha was damn funny~ we literally ran! had only 20 mins from vivo to plaza sing, to buy tickets, popcorn and sit down!

the show was awesome! but there were quite a few changes from the original spiderman. overall it was awesome~~ action pack movies are a definite yes! romance movies are a definite no!

so reccommend me any movies that are really good~~ 

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