wig preorder

hi everyone am doing a wig preorder that will be ending on the 27th of july~
so if ya interested~ do PM me on facebook~ 
you could also email me at camilleiora@hotmail.com
in this format
wig no. eg #1,
number of wig : 1
cost in total: $26













Rules are as followed

pre order closing on the 27th july

payment to be made by 27th july 2359

no payment no order ><

PM me to confirm orders~

price is in singapore dollars

orders are to be in singapore only >< for now i aint enough free time to open a preorder to 

overseas ><

*will tag your name to photo once you confirm order

take pic of receipt or give me the ref number once you have made payment ^^

will put 'PAID' next to your name once i have received payment*

will come in about 2 weeks after pre order or maybe earlier~ 8DDb
these are high temperature wigs~~ so they can be straightedned and curled up to 120
 degrees celcius

am not earning from this pre order >< cause i ordering for myself also 8D

just thought that some of you might wanna buy too

it already includes the shipping fee plus agent fee ~
no backing out once confirmed

P.S orders will be in singapore for now >< 

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