so i finally finally can post about my birthday~~ which happened last week~
had an early celebration with Erika, Elaine, Brandon, and Tenka~ and not forgetting selicia and yaxin who dropped by as well though they didnt know what was going on lol~ pikachu couldnt make it cause he had to work muahahaha

celebrated two days earlier which i never would have expected it lol~ cause they kept insisting to have dinner at Domani. its an italian restaurant, if you are actually wondering what is it.
i thought we wanted to go there was because brandon was working there, so went by too support him~, and me being my very very blur self, believed them and followed them ahahaha

As you all may be wondering, how old am i right now? i have hit the legal age of any adult =3=
21... such a big number isnt it?
i am legal for everything now! everything! but of course there are still many restraints that i am on.
well we all cant be free people after all...

had awesoem dinner~ had to share with elaine because the portion was very huge~ ><
forgot to take picture D:
then we were complaining to brandon on wanting his home made tiramisu cake, when he said there would be complimentary cake later... and me being the awesomely blur one, did not get the awesome hint at all till brandon came out with a cake and presented it to us ... i was like OMG OMG OMG!!! *too shocked for words*

my awesome cake and presents from them~~ 8DD

then i had a birthday cake from my family~~

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