guilty crown photoshoot

So far i has 2 guilty crown shoots~~ and i have ter to post process these photos OTL and because i was lazy i still am lazy to edit OTL,,,

i shall post up the omake shots!!!!!!

the shoot i had with max was at the helix bridge~
it was soooo warm and there were so many people!!! DD:
 our mascot for the day!!!
fyuneru~~~ sho cute muhahaha
                                                           with much help from shinji~~

and when we are all tired and need an awesome break!!!! we have gongcha to keep us all alive!!! 8D

 too gong cha!!! CHUU~ <3<3
and awesome pictures from nutcase~~ muahahaha

can see more from his page~

some pictures from Vaxzone!!!

picture by vax
edited by rina~

photo by vax~
post process by me
 more omake shots from that day~
give me my sweets or die early!!!

had a shoot with twinneh too!!! she lent me the awesome costume that she made!!!
again we did this at MBS~
and had the all awesome gongcha~~

photo by jimmy~ can see more from these albums~

also has all these awesome photos from fariz 8DDDD 
ahahah i look so innocent~~ innocent!! for once OTL
i need to do better DD:
 thank you for being so patient with meh >//< for not updating for ages! i shall try to update more often from now on ><


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