Had a shoot the day before chinese new year eve, was for amayumerou~
had lots of fun during the shoot and a real long memoreable walk from lakeside mrt to japanese gardens cince we were being cheapskate by not paying to enter through chinese gardens since they had an event lol!!!

i went to lakeside mrt 1/2 an hour early OTL, for some reason i was extremely lucky =.=
each time i reach a mrt transfer, the mrt arrives so i just hop on to the train... without realising it i have reached lakeside !!! and i was oh so lonely cause i reach too early =3=

the good news was that Darren came early too muahahaha!! 5 minutes after i arrives!!! yay loneliness is over!!!
we had awesome photogs and helpers that day muahahaha!!! our huge group of people consisted of lawli, selicia, mikan, garion, fariz,KYQ, windy and meh!!! so huge right our team~~

we reached lakeside roughly about 12pm and when we reached there we watched the video 'how to be an ah lian' we were laughing and doing our makeup at the same time!

so... our shoot was awesome till the rain came =.=
polaroid from windy taken by an SLR~
hur hur lawli sho prettyyyyyyyyy!! and lookie at our len(selicia) too omg! sho handsome~
photo from windy~
 the next following photos are from fariz

ehehehe lawli look so feminine~~
all costumes, wigs, props done by lawli~
i contributed my face and some sticks~

and the reason why we were so sad after the rain =.=
got tricked by the weather!!! should have waited for the rain to stop before removing all our make up and changing out DDD:

wanted to quote garion for making an awesome phrase about the weather, afterthat i made an another aweome-er phrase then him lol!

the gentle swaying of the pine trees against the wind, the sweet smell of spring and winter in the air permits, teasing us with its gentle breeze, coaxing us to stand in the rain, to sing and dance along with it, the cold breeze teaches us about the coldness of what we could not HAVE WHEN WE HAD CHANGED OUT ALREADY!!! DD:< 

because i was emo-ing due to the fact after then rain came to a light drizzle, the sun was setting, giving a soft orangy glow, and a DOUBLE RAINBOW APPEARED!!! how unlucky are we or should i say lucky for being able to see a double rainbow =.=||

i am also here to announce that!!! if you like the costumes lawli made, she ish putting some of her costumes on sale~, she sells them at a very reasonable price, so do support her 8DDD

do click this link to see the cosplay stuff she ish selling~


  1. I love your cosplay! Where did you buy the fabrics and how did you make miku's wig? It's just so lovely I had to ask! ^___^

    1. hihi thank you so much for the praises >//< the fabrics Lawli et actually bought them and made the kimonos out of them~ if you are from singapore, we bought it from chinatown~ for miku's hair lawli et made a tutotial for it~

    2. Ok, the last comment fail so...
      Thank you very much. It is genius. I think it hilarious how you had a picture of the cosplay I was think of using it for (Meiko) XP

    3. you are welcome!~~ glad we could be of help~ ^^