Cosfest X.1 2012

So as everyone knows cosfestX.1 just passed, and it was hell of a fun time~
there was the Cure Fashion Show, WCS, and there were many singing performances~ special guests from korea came down as well~
special guests were Eki Holic and Kong Kyung Ming, and actualy a few more X: 
i just cant remember their names.

had to chiong out costume for some time! had to juggle exams and the event itself ><
exams ended on thursday last week, and cosfest starts on that saturday =3=
i was not even 50% done and i was panicking so bad OTL

so on to about cosfest~
my partner Max, and i took part in the cure fashion show~
it was awesome~
came early to cosfest to do makeup and get ready for the rehearsal, it wasnt that bad.
went to prepare after that. change change change so many small details to take care of OTL
so troublesome lol.

was in the toilet changing with everyone else, and met many many ppl~
the moment i stepped out with my costume base, somebody hit me on my chest lol~ i was so shocked i was going huh huh?
and the person was laughing crazily while entering the cubicle lol! turned out to be tenka lol!

helped lawli with her costume~
stoole makeup from lawli and elaine also!
cause i was lazy to walk back and forth to get my stuff!

had a brief rehearsal with max, we had Sara to go through with us on where we had to stand on stage... by the way, i never knew i was talking to sara until someone told me later on when i was backstage =.=
felt so idiotic... stared at him the whole time after that cause i was trying to put pieces together lol
put the times when stanley lectured me to the person i see infront of me !
well it aint my fault that i am seeing him for the first time right???

was panicking the whole time backstage =3=
didnt know what to do if i went on stage, sure the poses i had in mind were okay... but i was so stiff /fail
to the point i actually asked peggy what i had to do! lol! too scared alr... first time on quoted from her lol ' look at the sky~~ look at the sea~~ look at your partner with moe eyes~~~~'

she changed the mood considerably for me! i felt so relieved after that, to the point i didnt panic after that ~

peggy~~ am so glad i was backstage with you !!! love love you alot >//<

when i went on stage i was oh~ no scary feeling~
i think i performed okay~ but still a little stiff ><
imma sorry max i be a stiff partner D:
some phtotos when we were on stage


photo taken by mia~~~ <3<3 sankyuu mia~

photo taken by kenneth wong
my fyuneru sho cute!!! made by shinji and meh ahahaha

went down the stage i had no jelly legs i be awesome!
went out to buy drinks after that~
helped lawli with costume~~ she look damn cute/cool that day!!

photo by shiro ang~
lawli look damn cool right right~

elaine looked so good too~~ muahahaha

had a shoot with Jimmy C

went behind after that~~
cause we were looking for the other jimmy also! LOL!
then i gots nice nice laminated card!

mia looked super nice also!!
photo by baka gomi

camwhore shot with serene~


with phoenix
with my awesome partner!!!

with kimura and hikari~

with tsugumi

shot with yap william also~

photo by william
edit by Max~

had a mini shoot with shiro ang too~
photo by shiro ang~

there were alot of very nice cosers there too!!! and i could not recognise so many of them DDD:

akima zhen

monster skye

twinneh! (sakurazaki)

 photos by Shiro Ang
there was my mei (ghostdolly)
photo by Jimmy C

there were so many more DDD: i cant find photos super nice photos of them!!
was rolling on the floor everywhere from seeing such awesome cosers OMG

second day~ my job was to hunt coscards!!!!
went to early so i went back stage with takahan and tristan ><
thank you for letting me accompany you because i came to early ><
felt like a lamppost backstage cause i was standing there doing nothing OTL

well i provided hairclips X:

met lisa for the first time~ she is so cute~~~

photo by brian lim~
helped Lisa to look with eyelash glue with her when i met Shizu. my first reaction was very funny~
ooh pretty sheryl!!!! she turns around... i went ohhh you look familiar! *bangs head on wall*
then i realised was shizu after awhile lol~ that was how my borrowing of eyelash glue concluded!

right : shizu 
left: Kiri
photo by anthony lee
they are so pretty right~~ muahahahaha

thank you for being our lifesaver shizu~ and liking my cos for day 1 >//< 

group photo of  Takahan's jojo bizarre Adventure Team~

by brian lim~

met Alan!
be jealous ppl~ ahahaha~

camwhored with my day1 partner~
my awesome partner took care of me for both days even though he had a team on day 2 ~
sankyuu sho much ~~~ *huggies*

stayed at tenka/rina booth on day 2 for a long long time lol!
 hunted them for coscards! yay!!
rina bought me bubble tea 8DD
bought lots of stuff from their booth X:
*fangirls* had nice compliments from them too which really made my day~~ <3<3
thank you rina and tenka for letting me nua nua there and taking care of me too~ i know i disturb you both alot that day ><

with akane~~ she was so hot as len!
so hot right~~

overall i enjoyed myself so much ><
thank you for the praises everyone i feel very motivated!!! because i didnt know if i did well enough to pass of as the character >//<
motivational boost X10000000000 yay!!!!

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