Chinese New Year 2012

this year is the year of the DRAGON!!!!!!! *ROAR!!!!!*

i just finished my attachment at KKH, and it was an experience to remember! seriously!
2 weeks in the pediatrics ward was slack... like literally slack D:
i aint used to such slack life i want busy busy!!!

i talked to like every patient lol!

and 1 week in the obstetrics ward was hell , when you have one hell of a clinical instructor!
she piles you up with loads of homework! and she nags at you day in and day out!!!
scolds you when you have done nothing wrong and calls you back from your break 15 min before it ends =.= and scolds you to tell you that you have over shot your one hour of break =.=

but the most fulfilling thing in the last week of attachment is that i received a slice of cake!!!
it was so delicious!!~ i do not regret the fact that my last two days of work was in the afternoon anymore~

cake as huge as my hand =.=||

wells enough of the ranting, its chinese new year~ i had lots of goodies to eat! and eat and eat!!!
sadly i didnt take any photos! D:
cause i was too busy eating *burp*

had  lots of camwhore photos of self!!! /shot
wanted to wear black and white outfit, but my mum screamed at me and say CNY wasnt a funeral lol!
so i had to change, dug through my cupboard for like 15 min and found nothing...
resorted to taking this out which i wore to events 

and my mum approved only this outfit compared to all my usual normal outfits... my mum be weird lol
was surprised i could still fit into this dress since i actually gained weight D:

and yes many camwhore pics cause it was boring... and due to the lack of time, i did my make up in the car 8D
i be so awesome lol!

went to my dad's mum's house first~

my nephew be so cute~~ ahahaha
he is my second nephew! turning one years old in a week~~~

ate alot of snacks at my grandma's house!!! and played blackjack 21 also!
i think my father, bro and i had the best luck~ lol
i used my bro's money to play... cause i didnt bring any cash out OTL

i think we won like $4?
lol sounds so little~

cousins came over to my house after that and i had to finish my make up before heading out again to my grands house in like 10mins =.=|| had to redo lashes, touch up everything lol~

great grands house was awesome!!! there was popiah to eat!
and yes.. i didnt take any photos because i was eating alot lol!!

well today, day 2, went to my aunts house to eat lunch!
curry and prawn and scallop!! with CHILLI!!!
my aunts chilli is the best muahahahah!!!
i stole one whole jar of it home of the chilli she made *greedy*

went to my cousins house the first time after they got married !

their house be awesome!!! 
at everyroom there is a ledge for you to sit at the window i like!!! and i found 3 katanas in my brother in laws room!!! i was like awesome!!!!! *steals*
*mum screams at me.... dammit*

playing with my nephew on his drawing board~

and i was bored lol... so i did a pic to compare yesterday's (cny day 1) make up for afternoon and night lol

innocence and seductive 

i was very bored lol~ cause i had to entertain my nephew lol while my brother was playing with the PS3

so how was everyone's Chinese New Year?

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