happy new years (belated)

even though it is really belated, i thought i should just say happy new year still since it is still the first post of the year~

my  New year celebration wasnt that bad~

woke up early to pass lawliet her wig so she could do a shoot~
we went to fullerton to have the shoot~
and SKW for the day be me!!!
SKW work for cammie = sit in one corner and nua 8DDD

lookie at pretteh panty!~ (PS: character's name is panty)

model be awesome lawli et~~
ahahhaaha so nice~

met elicia and mikan after that to saikang for their shoot lol~
meaning wole of new years, i was a SKW =.=||
but an awwesomeeee  skw~

i have no piccy from them yet though to post D:
half way during their preparation i realised i lost my beloved mate at fullerton D:


i was like OMG!!! have to travel all the way back to fullerton when i have only 2 hours left to go home D:
so i ran all the way back to fullerton....
but on the way of course i got lost D: 
its all because of my bad sense of direction =3=

i made the wrong turn and i ended up somewhere on the other end of raffles =.=||

camwhore pics of the day lol~ 
overall!!!! my new years was an awesome adventure!!!~
and since its the first post of teh year i shall self promote self!!! 8DDD

i created a new account, its a cosplay account in world cosplay, its also affiliated to cure~
so please follow me~

i also have a deviantart account~ where i put up photos of all my casual shoots and cosplay photos~
if you do have a DA account do follow me~ or comment on my photos so i can improve~

i also have a fanpage on facebook~ do support me~
sorry for self promoting =3=

have you all tried the petit doughnuts in takashimaya basement level at orchard?
it is awesomely delicious!!!!
especially the cream cheese and strawberry flavored ones!!
i ordered 4 flavours that day : apple jam, custard, cream cheese and strawberry~
do go try~ it ish awesomely delicious!!

i also bought the orange mc fizzies frim macs using the voucher~~
i be cheapo =3= i dun care~~ ahaha but it was nice sho i dun regret it~

just received some of my comicfest photos as well~
photo credits from Shiro Ang

Did anyone visit the AFA ( Anime Festival Asia) shop yet? it is located on the 1st floor of scape~ 

my friend bought a badge of me at the AFA shop that was selling during the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe in november~

sankyuuu eclair for supporting me ><

has anyone gone for new year's shopping yet? i havent D:
i am so dead D:

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