random updates~

sooo i havent been blogging much, but i promise i will blog more when i finish my exams!!
bought a new toy last week~
its damn cute~~ look at its :3 mouth ahaha~!!!
and it has an apple on its head~

yesh i am a sucker for toys
bought it at the flea market at scape

saikang for elaine and mini's shoot~

happily camwhored lol~ when i stole the penguin drum hat!
did i tell you that selicia is an evil murderer!!

this ish proof look at her sadistic smile!!!!

there was a MMK reunion bbq too with the atelier royale butlers!
i didnt take any photo... only 1, but one stolen from kife!

tora and i!!! she ish sho cute!!!
photo stolen from kife =.= took like think 10 photos before he was finally satisfied =.=||
ahaha everyone was making fun of him

i chopped my fringe that night after the bbq!
cause my hand was itchy!
chopped it at like 1am in the morning

how i look like after i chopped my fringe! ahahahaha i feel like cutting it shorter X:

act cute photos!! =.=|| this was before i cut my hair ehehehe!!!

okaii tata for now need to go chiong study!!!

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