exmas D8

so ... really... who doesnt like exams? hands up please!!!!
me: *raises hands up really high and jumps around manically*
and yes this post is about exams =3=

i just ended my exams last week! it was a whole week full of exams!
i am actually surprised i managed to live through that week without falling sick! yay!!! go me!!!
but the week before i had a terrible migraine! too the point i had to skip my group meeting D8
i felt so bad!! like really bad as it was not the first time!
it seems that my migraines keep coming and going more frequently now a days

and i really hate it =3=
my exams were not too bad this round but i really panicked on my lab test last monday to the point i actually forgot to bring with me the most important instrument of all with meh D8 the urinary bag 
the teacher was laughing at me and on the inside i was cursing myself for being so dumb!

i was so scared i would fail D8 like literally, cause i did not know what would i have to say to my mum OTL

had a proposal presentation on friday as well!
OMG the teacher got on my nerves so bad that i actually screwed him -not literally- upside down
our lesson was suppose to end at 4, which he dragged till 5!
when of course he disappeared at 415pm till 5pm! our presentation had to be dragged till 6pm!
and he still could stroll back to our group and hear our presentation!
and asked another team how many more groups dd he have, when they said 6 more!
his reaction was why so many ? i didnt expect there to be so many gorups presenting!

like hello??? you are the lecturer arent you???!!!
how could you not have known that there were more then 8 groups??
was definitely pissed off!

of course while waiting we took some camwhore piccys!
not forgetting a group photo as well!

well shall we move on to a nicer topic now?
was walking around NEX last sunday, and walked into this shop at level 4!
it was a childrens shop!
and i found these!!!
arent they cute!!!
i want i want!!! can use them to make real food!


my cousin kristie also gave me my long awaited photo which i took with her friend to let her try out some test outs on her new camera~

ehehe we look like mafia!
*bang bang pew pew*

went to tristans house today to borrow his sewing machine 8DD
ahahaha he teach me how to use a sewing machine /shot ish happy
i finally know how to use one lol

then he happily fangirl/boy over some cosers!!! ahahaha so weird desho~ but it was fun! enjoyed myself alot >//<
shall go for now~
tata~ till again~

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