rants~ and fun~

was working last last week on the thursday before AFA~ ahaha!!! seriously asking for it... by making myself extremely tired lol~

was an event cosplay work ahaha! it was boring and fun, up to a point i guess

it was really boring cause we went berserk while waiting for 4 hours during the time of our break by doing nothing =.=||

so so boring!!!! 
did a self entertainment conversation with selicia cause it was too boring!!!

did i mention our job was too just stand there and to take photos with the people?? for like two hours =.=
i also must mention!!! i cant believe how rude the people are! i mean the audience! because, when taking photo with us, they can pounce on us??! not only that their hands =.= their hands really go to the wrong places sometimes =.=

the best thing is that, they said they wanted to take a photo of us, but but they stand in front of us? 
i mean is this called taking photos with us or taking photo of yourself?

yesh! i be ranting~ shall move on then ahaha

me and selicia trying to act cute! ahahaha! but kinda phail~
we look innocent though! dont we look so innocent ??????????? 8DDDDD
and a photo which i edited when i was bored~
photo which we took in the toilet cause we went in for a break~
our Qian Bian face come out again~
Qian Bian = asked to be hit (sorta)

another one with me camwhoring lol
veggie eating tristan!!!

our dinner!!! ahahaha i only ate like 1/3 or less of my packet >< 
selicia and i gave all our veggies to tristan!

2 reasons why i ate so little!
1. stupid boss was talking in my face while smoking
2. the food tasted not nice =.=||

what we did to max during our free time =3

group photo!!!! back row from left to right~
sochii, lawliet, selicia and tristan
bottom one : me =3=

look look i has two good looking guys with me in one photo~
selicia and tristan!!! =3

another group photo taken by gmaine and given to us~~
first row: selicia, meh!
second row: stanley, tristan , sochii, DD
front row! lawliet

had a lecture in school and i was nomming on my sweet which i bought from school~
from what i heard from kelly it can be bought from OG as well~

i managed to get the limited edition heart shaped jelly bean!!!!!!!!!!
<3<3<3 it is shooo cute!!!
ahaha i could not resist and tok pictures of it during lesson =.=||

drew a random picture as well when the lecture was boring 8DDD
my drawing be ugly OTL

edited this piccy while waitng for my appoinment with new york skin solutions... went for a session cause i thought i ought to pamper myself 8D

and i must introduce to you my new younger sister!!! ahahaha
he be max~ he be sho pretty~
he be sho cool as well!! ahahah~ nice desho~
if you do find him familiar, he is part of star princes of Haru~

met up with aud aud and nor nor today for dinner cause its the only time where i can get to go out with them together !!! before not meeting them as a group again!
so i could not resist skipping it even though i felt out of soughts D8

did not go school today cause i was sick... my head was pounding so much =3=
could not get out of bed, felt better when i woke up much later though~

went to school for a meeting but it got cancelled sigh, so i went to orchard first to wait for them ><
camwhore with mikan~

selicia be behind meh ><

went to meet aud aud and norine after to eat dinner !!! ate fish and co~ had the calamri platter and danish fish and chips!
omg even though the danish fish and chips were awesomely good, i think the taste was too strong for me. the taste got kinda boring after a few mouthfulls ><

so if you are the type that dun really like food with a strong taste i highly do not reccommend you into ordering the danish fish and chips ><

please do support me by buying my costumes or clothes that i do not want anymore ><

will update more stuff that will be for sale soon though~ please support~

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