so i just dyed my hair recently myself =.= and i made a mistake OTL i forgot to leave the dye at my hair roots for a longer time ... so i still have a two tone hair color lol!

i think i wanna redo it again soon... jsut too lazy =3=
good thing is that isn't that obvious ehehehe /fail

okay soo i used palty sakura blossom, its a pinkish brown dye~
so fai have only been using this color, never used other colors before X: planning to expand my knowledge on hair dyes muahahaha

the package of the dye~ so pretty~

so they actually also put the most possible color you should get if you use this dye~
 i guess mine is in between the second and third tone nnow lol... my hair for some reason doesnt like to absorb color

whats inside the packaging~
 instructions both in jap and english

cream for your hair, it used used only after you have washed and dyed your hair

a pair of gloves~

the colorant
 and base color

have to mix these 2 together 8D

toook me about half hour to dye my hair in total... since i have done it about 2 to 3 times?

was lazy to take a picture after coloring my hair >< i think i will take one soon!

went to visit selicia last onmonday i think... went walking around orchard with her and her sister...
we were at new look when walking selicia got pulled back by something
she got pulled back by CHIKAGE
cause he says that this sweater suits her well ---> he be holding onto the sweater and not letting go =.=
basically he spoilt the wool sweater already
chikage why you so baddddd
in chikage's eyes : i demand that you buy this, that is because the main reason why i am holding onto it... so buy it!

ahaha was damn cute!!
next day i also went to meet selicia in her shop because i could not go home =.=
heavy downpour at YCK... no umbrella... on the way home has no shelter either so i go selicia chocolate shop and nua!~~

her mama gimme food to eat before i went home 8DDD
sho happy, i brought it to school the next day for lunch and i could not finish it D8

its asam fish with egg and rice 8DD so nice, the shop is at 313 somerset basement its called indonesian BBQ
i really reccommend this cause it is really really good!

ohoh! and cause we were bored we went  to far east also! and guess what we saw!!!

how could i not resist taking a photo!!! shoo cute right~~

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