things that i do when i am bored lol!!!!

downloaded the 3 from mmk website~

Last week on friday saturday and sunday was AFA~ did anyone attend?
i was one of the few that actually attended~
well actually we were part of MMK (moe moe kyun maid cafe) in which i had stated in my previous blog post 8DD

so yea i havent blogged for some time~ lets try making this blog post as long as possible~ and see if i can beat SHOU'S!!! 

well we went for training on friday which was the 11/11/11
did you all notice that it was the 11/11/11??
ahahaha i think the date is so freaking cool~

well we went through some last minute traingings and actually drew on some of our photos , we even decorated the board~ with the help of Jim of course ahahaha!~

ahaha we decorate the board until so nice right~~ desho desho??

the photos that i decorated~ i even got to bring them home 8D muahahahha~

went to meet elaine evie and bro after training ~

camwhore with my lawliet coscard /shot
yeai was lazy to edit the photos so my face be cui!~ cannot meh~
i lazy can right can right~ muahahahaha

okay okay on with AFA~

well it was my first time being in MMK so it was loads of fun of course~
well in the beginning i guess we were all shy~ and we were also scared that we would do something wrongly~ but after some time we all got used to it~

and got really into the mood of it!
ahhh~~ i also didnt expect myself to meet the VIP's face to face~ ahhh so exciting~ 
SEA-A was so cute!!!! ahhhh managed to work with them~~~
they are so energetic~ i really enjoyed working with them very much~

didnt get to take a picture with them though *emos*

ahaha group photo with the mmk girls are the best~~~
we lookie sho cute~
*thick skinned* =3=
we were actually selling the group photo 
the one below ><

took a photo with ji with our posters~ we were all trying to imitate the faces we used for it
ahaha i guess some of us were epic fail;~~

photo with kaname and usagi~
i be a super happy girl that day 8DDD

camwhore with feru, tora, and kiyomi~
more of i actually photobombed them ahahah!!!

polaroid with tora chan!!~~~ she damn cute ~~

may darlings that actually dropped by to see me~
mikan, erika and selicia~

many thanks to david chan for tagging me in this photo~ thank you for also supporting me *happy much*

yukihoshi and jackie and lawli also dropped by to say hi to me even though they were so busy ><
anthony and hime also dropped by~
i am so sorry i didnt have time to talk to some of you D8
ahahaha cute cute erika took photo with 'me' outside mmk lol~
the best part is that i didnt even get to see my own photo =.=||

must tell funny story also~ both days selicia annd erika damn funny~
they like crazy fans stand at mmk window waving like mad people thinking that i couldnt see lol!
after that they ran to the back door and stood there waving again like mad people lol~
they damn cute ahaha
thats what i love about them 8DD

went for concert after closing mmk~ i was lucky to get to see kalafina and MAY'n muahahah MAy'n~~~
i be a big big fan of MAY'n
lookie photo with my twinneh~~
she sho pretty that day as mami~
must show everyone small young boy who ish taller then me by alot =.=||
i stole from his blog 8D

photos with cute cute kelly~~ kyaah~~~ she looks so sweet *admires*
i photobombed them again~~
i be pro at photo bombing 8D

i forgot to thank kelly for letting me serve Kaname and usagi with her 8DD
she sho nice~ i lub lub her deep deep
cause she knew i was a big fan of kaname and usagi~
talked to kaname >< i just could not resist the good opportunity i had that kelly provided me *huggles*
asked him :' cosuplay daisuki?'  (do you like cosplay?)
kaname: 'daisuki desu..*pauses* looks up 'hontoni daisuki desu *super blinding bright smile* (yes..yes i love cosplay)
omg i could have melted
me: 'ahhh!!! sugoi desu~ watashiwa cosuplayer desu~ (ah! so cool! i am a cosplayer also!) -thick skinned- /shot
kaname: honto! dozo yoroshiku~ cosuplay daisuki? (really? nice to meet you too! do you like cosplay?)
me: cosuplay daisuki desu! (i love cosplay)
*hi5 with him*
MELTS X10000000000000000000000
never get to talk to usagi but i am contented enough as it is
i nuuu care if you say i be thick skinned i no care!!! 8DDDD
must thank Feru also for letting me serve Angela and her crew together with her also~
so happy!!! drew for angela's crew doggie and whale ahaha
was so happy~ they kept prising our drawings~

mmk's menu~

celebrated jim peh peh bday with KYSS~
the cake that KYSS made for jim~

photo with serene~~ she look so cute out of cos still =3= jealous max~

photobomb elaine and max muahahaha~~~


before ending the post must show something funny~~
see see must compare the photos on the left to the right~ can see alot of difference ahahahah!!!


did i mention my job at mmk is also to bully the butlers muahahaha! i think i bullied every single one of them 8DDD

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