otome games

Sooo i have to admit that i am into otome games for now  >//<
like really into otome games... sucked deep deep in because of hakuoki!!! OTL
playing second ver of hakuoki now ... from hakuoki portable to hakuoki zuisouroku

reason one: because i like saito, okita, chikage, heisuke and sannosuke
reason two: i wont give up on the game till i have all the characters i want
reason three: because they are all bishies
reason four: because i really like them... how could you not???
reason 5: how can you give up on a game you played for like 2 to 3 characters???
reason 6: cause the story line changes for every game =3=

some of the game scenes i have gotten from zuisoroku since i have just started playing there still isnt much scenes =3=
but when you wake up you has eye candy to sheeee!!!

then see how evil okita can be~
cgs,hakuouki shinsengumi kitan,video game
cgs,video games,hakuouki shinsengumi kitan

the change in face O.o
cgs,hakuouki shinsengumi kitan,video game

ahaha okok i shall stop spamming hakuoki!

yesterday i went out together with a group of frens!!! finally being able to meet as a group! we were all bored so we planned a meet up muahahaha at AKB48~ the food was really delicious~

our pretteh pretteh group photo~~

pasta that me and kelly shared cause i had to go home for dinner lol! think it was called carbonara pasta?
i dunno how to spell it ><
we orderred the lunch set which includes soup and the main dish itself~
our set costs us $15.90~

my drink was the calpis fruit punch~~

ahaha sho cute right~~
 we took lots of camwhore pics OTL
me and kelly
jasmine (left) and veronica (right)
they are sho pretteh!!!~~ <3<3
kelly and i also pretteh~~
self praise equals to no praise lol~

final picture of the day~
from left to right:
kelly, veronica, meh,andrea, jasmine~~
all so tall... i the only one who ish short OTL

today was first day of school... hmmm i hate school but i have to attend school sigh

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