Kawaii.i and NHK tv

shooo last week i was invited by sochii to go for a NHK tv interview on saturday~
it was really interesting, cause it was my first time being filmed with my whole group of lovely friends!!!
well i met a few new ones of course! they were all so pretty~ i looked too plain next to them yes i do 
oh wells this shows that i just have to work harder on my ageha and gyaru styles !!! ganbarimasu! ヽ(ヽ>ω<)

took very few photos cause i forgot =3=
i was having too much fun lol! we filmed at cash studios~ we got to sing karaoke! but not for long though saaad!!
 but it was so cool cause the room that we went into was sooooo large! ahaha could totally feel like VIP *gives presidential wave*
-deserves to be smacked-

ohoh we got a limited edition domo kun from kawaii.i tv too~ damn cute~
well i think its limited since it aint one of the above 4 stated below lol

photos stolen from lawli~~ ahaha and lawli looked likea 15 year old child that day!!! damn cute >//<

photo stolen from sochii~~ nyahaha 
and 2 photos of my own >< forgot to take pic with sandra!!!! D8
that be sochii hand lol!

went out on saturday... had another appointment. was really busy had to go meet for lunch with my grandma ... then rush back home to do make and hair ><
while waiting for bus i saw a baby komodo dragon~
see if you can spot it lol~

bought cheese cake from the princess bakery it was sooo delicious  muahahaha

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