Universal Studios Singapore

i took forever just to make this post on my trip to USS!!!~
was such a warm day!! and i have to thank aud aud for my belated birthday present from her to me~~
hehe~ love her sho much!~

night before trying to convince jimmy to go lol!
thus he became our unannounced photographer 8D
convince until he come yay!! more like tempt him to come lo~
wake up so early in the morning then went to aud aud house buy starbucks cause i lack of sleep =.=||
took cab over to USS cause we dunno how to go there \^^/

our first stop! the 4D show at shreks kingdom~
cam whore while we were waiting~ 

 camwhore until jimmy no happy try spoil our photo ahaha can see hand movement lol

shrek castle sho nice!!
kingdom of farfar away!~
and the wonderful king frog!~

then went to go to jurrasic park next~
jimmy: not scary one just very high
aud aud and i: orh okay lo try~
*sits ride and gets off ride* 
*runs and hit jimmy*
sho fast lol!
not prepared at all!

run!!! the big dino is gonna kill us!!!

went to egypt after that~
cant remember what it was called so i shall name it unofficially!
it ish now known as egypt!
as you can see!! the mini us!!!
the ride was sho fast scary can!
yesh i be chicken when it comes to high rides~
*qian bian*
lunch lunch!! went to walk around the whole place just for lunch and came across the cars!!!
omg the pwetty cars!!~
open the door and let us in!!!!
went to eat at goldilocks after that!

and there was the magnificent chair *hur hur* and meh!

me and aud aud be thick skin we go sit merry go round!!~
all the parents and kids were like staring!! ahaha i dun care~

cam whore in toilet after that~

then also at one of the stations also~
we watch weather forecast~!

aud aud with fireman hat!!
went to watch the monster show it was sooo nice!!~ 
hehe the singing was damn good~
after that jurassic park the water thingy!!
me and aud aud got soaked completely dammit!
i was stuck sitting with these 2 big sized guys and i was squashed to the freaking corner!!! D8
thus getting soaked tremendously =.=
we are soked!!!!
and hungry! so we went for desserts!!

the interior so nice~ so was the desserts and milkshake!!~
then we dragged jimmy go to jurassic again cause we not happy he didnt get soaked so we queued for like another 40 min =.=|| call us bo liao
and he got soaked muahahaha!!!~ revenge is sweet! our wish came true~

our soaked soaked self ~ drying off in the toilet lol

the pretty but ex tickets =.=

bought neko mimi ears for us so we could look the same ahaha we sho cute!!!~

 then emo emo cause tired liao lol~
went home after that!~
shall post about comifest soon though i have no piccy D8 with my frens i mean i forgot D8

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