StreetFest 2011

hihi~ havent blogged for some time!! shall try to blog more often ><
went to school on saturday to help my friends on hairstyles cause they were going to join the k pop dance competition!!! was kinda tiring since the night before i only had 4 hours of sleep? and i went down early to help them. Had to do 4 peoples hair. i aint very good but am glad they liked it 8D

shows that there is still more room for improvement!!! yes yes must improve!!
Am also happy to announce that they got into the semi finals!!!! their group is called KM!X!
if you know them please support them too~

Rushed down to streetfest!!! reached there at 130!! and it was just nice my friends just started their performance, i thought i missed it since they were the second band *phew* sadly was kinda in a foul mood at the beginning so i didnt take any photos =3=
Did not say hi to them also *regrets in one corner*

streetfest was boring overall since there wasnt anything much other then the band performances going on, i and i only went for 3 band performances.
zen'shin, renaissance and saikosax
hehe they all performed well~
in between while waiting for renaissance and Saikosax performance,k was running around everywhere hanging out with everybody.
had a mini photoshoot with geno since we both had nothing to do lol!
photo by Geno
camwhore with you zhi~ ahaha she look so cute~
camwhore with foreigner!!!! Elaine!!! we look so nice!!! shall use for my phone wall paper 8D

yuki, hime and meh~
whee hamster face 8D
best smile award goes to us!
shots taken by dango kor~
photo with sochii~ i has cakes cause she gimme cakes~
and the two twin sisters!!~ stan and gabriel ahahaha
they look so pretty!
me and my kouhai~

me and yuki

me and stan~

me and the very very pretty bella!!!

some photos when renaissance was performing  

lawli's doll!!! so pretty~ i also want one~
shall go for now~ and try to update more often~

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