Have been really busy these few days had to go buy lots of stuff that i need for cosfest 
so now i am officially broke =3=
am glad the tailoring for my costume wont take up much moolah though ~phew~

bought some stuff on friday at watsons and went to catch a movie with jimmy and mikan~ XMEN!!!
the show is kinda funny lol but the ending is like wth! totally!
my impression of mystique kinda got spoilt =3=
thought she was suppose to have a uber great figure but but in the movie it was soso DX

2 BB cream small samples and a lip balm~

back packaging of the lip balm

 dont really like the lip balm after i used it =3=
was suppose to help me moisturise my lips but it felt as though it was drying my lips more then helping it buuu~ wasted money DX
never buying lip balm from Mentholatum anymore

should have went for the chupa chupps DXDX

ohoh~ and and i bought a japanese bun to try~
looked so cute~~ so i just had to buy it and try it!!~ *smacks self*

looie likea hamburger~
i am a noob i havent tried this bread before until now ehehehe. i am in my own little world lol
soft, fluffeh and yummeh bread!!! want to buy another one soon but a different flavour~~
i wanna try the chocolate flavour~

tried out the BB cream today~
the pink one which is for moisturizing!
make skin smooth and supple :3

tube so small but oh wells it was a sample set that was on sale at watsons fufu
why they no sell big bottle one!!!
color of bb cream look so dark =3=
was afraid that if i put on my face!! what if it make me become darker looking O.O
but i tried it on anyway and fell in love with it yay~
have such good coverage~
i want more!!!!

 finally a picture of what i have bought in just 2 days (sat and sun)
omg can cry!!
but but i dun regret buying my book ahahaha!!!
cause cause it is my long awaited lover!!! <3<3 =3=
*runs from random throwing of knives*

ANNND today is FATHERS' DAY!!!
 have you all given anything to your father??
bought haagen dasz for my dad cause he kept hinting to me and my brother.
*opens empty wallet*
why you make such expensive requests =3=
well it is a good thing that it happens only once a year or i will become really broke ahaha!! 
you will see me begging on the streets for money~

Happy and broke for now~
tata till the next time~

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