ish back with JAF

Have gone missing for like 3 weeks???
was so busy i forgot to update~!!! and now that i am back, i have more things to update OTL
so many things so sad so sad so much to update!
shall update about JAF first, was held last saturday! and i was in the toki doki maid cafe!
my name is chizuru, did any goushoujinsama or ojousama drop by to say hi?
look of the day originally~
sho weird O: didnt use my new maid costume in the end cause i found that i cant fit those type of looks =3=
planning to sell it anyone interested?
will put up photos of it to sell soon~

 unglam photos of stan~ ahaha i stole his fox tail !!! didnt want to return it to him at all DX
love it too much!

norine goushoujin sama came down to see me XDXD sho happy~
secret photo i took with her using my handphone whoo!!
esther and amos and shin also dropped by sho happy~
i forgot the rest of the peoples name 8D;;
me and gab

me and takeda ryuuji~

                                                                                    erika and i
me and elaine~ finally i remember to take a photo with her =.=||

me and aki~~!! she sho cute!!! assistant chef~

hime hime hime~~ sho pretty!

introducing the one and only evie~

head maid lawli~

head maid sochii~
oue head maids sho pretty~ i want steal their prettiness XDXD

more photos of me and hime cause we <3 to camwhore~

our maid sara!

our chef of the day brandon~ whooo!!!


ehehehe hime and i again psps~

cute unglam shot!!

chuck chuck!!! anyone wanna buy the mini ver?? lawli be selling them at 12 bucks~
the one up there is the large ver
mini ver can fit in your palm~
sho cute!

photo before going home~~

last photo of the day~~
we worked hard~ and did our best!! 
Thank you everyone for coming down to support us!
Rule one of promoting a maid/ butler cafe: when sending down maids / butler to promote, never send out one meido and butler but 2 meidos cause we attract more attention =.=||

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  1. yay! photo ish up! :D (Y) but i look cui! >.< yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~