overdue !!! STGCC and EOY

!!! a post that i should have done super long ago!!! DXDX

Was held up cause i had exams!!! since the exams are finally over!! i can do a post!

Last saturday 11 dec'10 there was an event at suntec city! STGCC! Mika ,me and erika were all dressed as butlers! so fun! hahaha! wait erika was dressed as a maid, Jeanette too!

Mika , me and erika met at like 9 at esplanade MRT, so we could do a mini photoshoot~ it turned out really well!! some photos that were taken


Photoshoot turned out so well~ so happy~ 
twinneh (mika) and me feel like doing a fan club for both of us~ would you come support us?

Now back to the main topic on STGCC
didnt manage to take any photos!! DX
here are some photos which i stole from my fren~

photo from max wong~
 photo from fabian luke~
 photo from fabian luke~
photos from fabian luke~
these photos were taken during STGCC~

Now for some from EOY~

credits to tan huo gang fo rthese nice photos~
there is also a group photo~

Family photo~

Well if you are gonna ask which event was nicer? i would definitely say it was STGCC as there was more things to do there~ whereas EOY was not much, should have listened to my friends advice TT.TT
It was still interesting in a way where you can join mini competitions and go back to back with your friends~

for now tata~
love cammie

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