The Mortal Instruments : the City Of Bones

Hi everyone, as you must have noticed, i have not blogged for about 3 months... due to the fact that i have been attachment in the hospital, and barely have time to even turn on the computer!

Am really really sad that i have not been able to actually blog properly!

So basically todays post would be me being my nerdy self, wanting to let everyone know that i am really looking forward to a movie, that i am looking forward to which will be on the cinemas on August 23rd!

I did a book review on this book the last time,

i am still a reverent lover and follower of this series! i am now reading the prequel The Infernal Devices, to the series The Mortal Instrument!

have been following this series since the year the book first came out in 2006!

well! am sure you must be wondering why i am so sure that the movie is coming out on the 23rd of August its because i saw the poster at Dhoby Ghaut 

I was so excited that i had to take a photo of the poster *fangirls*

So again, i am sure why i like this book / this movie so much!
if you had read my previous post which i had a posted up there,
you would have read my raving review on this book!

watch the trailer and read my previous post on this book! if you need any recommendations on books based in the fantasy world, with romance or not~ i wouldnt mind recommending! 

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