life update

so you must have been wondering what i have bben up to so far, well basically since i just 'graduated' more of like i am waiting for my certificate!
so i went to look for a job!! 
well my first job would be that i am working at a private General Practitioner Clinic!
Am working with my uncle now at L&L family clinic!
that is if you are singapore that is!

so if you are feeling unwell, do visit!

my second job, yes you heard me right, i have a second job!
i am now working at JRUNWAY! which is found at Dhoby Gaut, do come and visit!
we have just put out the new collections for Emoda and WeGO!
I am so tempted to buy stuff from EMODA and BABY SHOOP!!

so why am i not updating much? its because i have lack of time now.... i am working 830 to 1230 in the mornings at the clinic, and am working from 2 to 10 at JRUNWAY ><

though if you have any questions onto what the new collections are at JRUNWAY , do ask , i will try to help as much as possible 8D

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