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I have finally some spare time to update my blog, and was trying really hard to find a photo host to hold my photos... turned out it wasn't easy, as every file host could only hold up to 2GB... and I definitely needed more than 2gb of space, if i wanted to continue blogging D:
well enough with the small talk, shall we move on?
For those who have been following me for a long time, i am sure you do know that I just recently went to korea~~
it was really fun and exciting! as there was so much to do and thee is too little time!
am sure all you shoppers out there would agree with me yea!
went to korea for a short trip just before my PRCP started! I had a two week break of attachment from the 17th of November to the 3 of December! how could I not take advantage of such a break, before I would go through 3 months of hell in the hospital!! ahahha
I maybe over exaggerating it, but I do hope I really graduate soon enough!!! I wanna be free as free as a wild horse!! *please don't take that literally* 8D
Went on a one week break to korea from the 16th of November to the 24th of November!
you must be wondering why 16th when I officially started my break on the 17th?
well I left on the 16th at night! my mum, cousin and I took a night flight so we could take reach korea in the early morning!
we reached korea, seoul, at about 5am! it was really early!! plus we would not meet our landlord at 930am!! D:
well who said it wasn't too early for breakfast!! I had an awesome Korean made onigiri!! X:
with flavoured chicken as the filling! it was so awesome... even up to now when I think about it...I still drool D:
while waiting at the airport for time to pass and nomming on my onigiri!

went for a walk around after that to look around on how to head over to the train station with my cousin since my mum wasn't feeling that well D: her anaemia started again D:
finally found it , was the express train from the airport to our destination, which was Hongik University!
 we had to buy tickets to take the train, the train tickets are known as T-money, if we were in Singapore it would be called an EZ-link or transit card!
did you know that in korea, the T-money can be keychains like hello kitty and any walt Disney character? instead of a crad its looks junst like a normal keychain, which can be found in any convenience stall at the roadside!

finally took the train to our stop, it took about 45mins!
my mum in white sitting over there... so pale D:

we reached our appointment at about 10am!
this is basically how our apartment looks like!
it was cheap and good, and they even provided a washing machine and washing powder!
this way you would just have to bring 2 sets of clothes and 2 sets of night wear~! and just alternate them!! muahaha this just means more space for shopping!
but sadly my cousin forgot to inform us there was a washing machine, so we overbrought our own clothes D:

 shall stop here for now need to rest for my attachment tmr D:
shall update again tomorrow if possible~
P.S any of you going for the shibuya girls event this sat? do sign up if you haven't!
I have alreasdy signed up and will be going since I missed the last 2 events due to my attachment  D:
click the link to register!

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